“Since 15 years old I’ve used music as my voice for the people.. I speak the truth, no matter how controversial. UKnow!”

 Chicago’s native Chris H, better known as Kool Focus (KF1) defines the true meaning of hip hop. From his unique sound, catchy hooks & edgy lyrics KF1’s talent is a force. Chicago; known for some of the worlds highest murder rates, street gangs & poverty stricken neighborhoods forced Kool Focus & the family to relocate to Lansing Michigan. With mother as head, the opportunity to live a better life was forward. “I wanted to have a better playing field for my family. I wanted my children to have a strong up bringing. When my environment shifted, so did I” , she explained. The family would live a life mixed with life’s trials which led Kool Focus to pick up a pen and share his thoughts with the world. This mental escape was all KF1 needed to stay focused and press forward to a life of destiny. At the time I didn’t know what, I just knew what I witnessed growing up wasn’t what I wanted out of life. I had to find a way to stay out of those streets. I had my creativity & the drive to succeed & can attest that music saved me”.
 OCC Records (Only Come Correct) the independent label launched by Kool Focus will be home to the hottest artist out of the Mid-West. While each artist develop there unique sound and image, Kool will lead the way and create a strong force for the label set to relaunch Fall 2020.  This time and creative investment will make it possible for each artist to thrive when ready. “Each artist will come out when its there time, for now I’ll make sure the world knows exactly who we are”.
 Already Kool Focus has opened for major artists in Atlanta Georgia & Miami Florida. With hit records featuring Young Bleed (No Limit Records), including the hit record “Go & Get’it” ft. Lil Jay (Crime Mob), Kools collaborations are just getting started. Kool Focus will release new music off his upcoming album Spring 2020 with the Only Come Correct Mix Tour following . “I want to grow my fan base the right way, by reaching the people.” With the goal to take Only Come Correct national, there’s no slowing down KF1. “Since 15 years old I’ve used music as my voice for the people. I speak the truth, no matter how controversial. You know!”
Get used to the name.
Kool Focus is just getting started.


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